Curriculum Vitæ

A brief introduction of me
and my projects.

Through small contributions I can handle, I try to make the world a better place to live. I always try to deliver the best solution. The earth should be the most comfortable place to live and people should not need to fight unneccessary difficulties.

Things I Can Do

I like to create and build things. Either as a people leader or an engineer. Here is a brief list of my abilities in which I find a real passion.

  • Build and lead collaborative teams
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Get things done
  • Write all the code
  • Spread the wisdom via trainings
  • Paint, photograph, write

My Projects

These are projects I currently work on or that have been established by me and have a community that carries them forward.

Application Performance Measurement

While trying to overcome some hurdles I found with performance measurement tools, I had no choice left but develop the best performance measurement tool ever — PerfCake.

Internet of Things and Microservices

While connecting small individual devices that compose the Internet of Things with the large cloud based gatweays, I realized there is a gap that is hard to overcome. Traditional SOA principles can be used but nobody wants a full-blown application server here. Let's see what microservices can do for us — see SilverWare!

The Gentlemen's Algorithm

The definitive guide for all the nerds looking for their women counterparts. Women can find out what the men's thinking is. Men can find the algorithm they can immediately execute.

Contact Me

Send me an email if you are interested in getting in touch...